Correct, NOT Politically Correct: How Same-Sex Marriage Hurts Everyone

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Correct, NOT Politically Correct: How Same-Sex Marriage Hurts Everyone

Same-Sex Marriage will Hurt Everyone, —including YOU. Find out how here! Why not legalize same-sex marriage? Who could it possibly hurt? Using sound reasoning and evidence, —not religion, —award-winning author Frank Turek shows that everyone will be hurt including children the nation and even homosexuals themselves. Key Words: 9781607081623, culture, arts,  ethics, moral, morals, morality,  politics, government, gay, lesbian, Correct, NOT Politically Correct: How Same-Sex Marriage Hurts Everyone - Frank Turek

Paperback: 143 pages

Publisher: CrossExamined (December 9 2008)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1607081628

ISBN-13: 978-1607081623

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  • 5
    Best Book on the Homopsexual Agenda

    Posted by R. Norwell on 27th Oct 2015

    Book covers the real reasons homosexuals are pushing for recognition of gay marriage and how the out come of a few activists can change for bad the lifes all peoples every where!

  • 5
    Same Sex Marriage Is Harmful to Everyone

    Posted by Dick Bartlett on 27th Jun 2015

    A well-researched, documented, and thoughtful analysis of the issues associated with same sex 'marriage.' It's truly a must read, especially now after the SCOTUS decision.

  • 5
    What I think but have hard time putting right words together.

    Posted by Unknown on 9th Jan 2015

    Only have half of book read, but I really thank you for putting into right words how I feel about the gay agenda. Will try to read a couple times to keep it in my head. I don't just want to "go" along with the pc thinking and need some truthful, thoughtful answers to questions, and questions I can ask. A man who ministers to gay community, to lead them out of lifestyle, is speaking at our church and will ask if he's read you book.

  • 5
    Everyone should see this information

    Posted by Steve Brown on 21st Jul 2014

    This book is very concise, informative, comprehensive, and a quick read. If you care about people, our society at large, and the best for our children, you need to read this and get involved. There's too much at stake to sit this one out. Indifference on this will cause untold and unnecessary suffering and hardship. Buy one for all of those you know to get them off the sideline.

  • 5
    Best resource I've seen for refuting the pro-gay-marriage arguments

    Posted by Brett Lawrence on 7th Jun 2014

    Wow, this book is outstanding. It's thorough but not lengthy, and it's easy to read. I've been against the notion of gay marriage from the start, but I didn't always know how to articulate my positions until now. But this book went way beyond helping me explain positions I already held - it equipped me with several compelling arguments I had not previously considered. This book is worth so much more than the very small price I paid for it. Thank you, Frank Turek.

  • 5
    The Truth About Homosexuality

    Posted by Unknown on 17th Mar 2014

    Thank you Dr. Turek for having the courage to write this book. I am blessed to have a copy and to finally have the truth that I knew all along, but now have a resource to help me have an intelligent conversation with anyone about the truth on homosexuality.

  • 5
    Essential For Christians

    Posted by Shaun McWhorter on 17th Feb 2014

    This book gives factual information concerning homosexual marriage and its harmful effects on society as a whole, rather than simply quoting scripture, which is ineffective when discussing this topic with nonbelievers. Everyone, Christians and nonbelievers, should read this book . Great book Dr. Turek!

  • 5

    Posted by Concerned Mom on 15th Feb 2014

    One cannot turn the t.v on or even simply watch the Olympics without being reminded of the gay movement. This book is a must read for ALL Christians, especially those whose families have been affected by this lifestyle. Well done Dr. Turek!

  • 5
    Well Done

    Posted by Wendell George on 3rd Jan 2014

    After purchasing this book and another, "Fast Facts of False Teachings", for ourselves, we thought so highly of them, that
    we later bought both again and had them forwarded to two friends separately.