Is Original Sin Unfair? (MP3 Set)

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Is Original Sin Unfair? (MP3 Set)

Why does God Blame us for Adam’s Sin?

Frank tackles one of the most asked questions about
Christianity. Along the way he answers:
• Are we really depraved?
• What is our nature vs. God’s nature?
• What is the purpose of the Bible?
• What did Adam do to us?
• What did Jesus do for us?
• Why original sin is not unfair but gracious!

Frank uses an interesting analogy from the Apollo 13 mission
to illustrate his main point. He also takes questions from a
college aged audience in this intriguing two part series. Keywords: Is Original Sin Unfair? - Frank Turek, DF006971OS, sin, salvation, theology, save, saved, gospel, Frank Turek, Original sin, 

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Two-part series.