CIA 2020 - DVD Complete Series

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  • CIA 2020 - DVD Complete Series
  • CIA 2020 - DVD Complete Series
  • CIA 2020 - DVD Complete Series


CrossExamined Instructors Academy 

Every year since 2008, has hosted a dynamic three-day training program around the country for budding apologists called the CrossExamined Instructor Academy (CIA). For all those years you could not see CIA without applying and attending in person. Now you can get the insights of some of the world’s top apologists by way of this DVD set filmed at the 2020 CIA in Dallas, Texas!

Frank Turek - Teaching “I Don’t Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist”
J. Warner Wallace - Evidence for God from the Origin of Life
David Wood - Answering the 7 most common Muslim Objections to Christianity
Greg Koukl - How to Present Persuasively
Frank Turek - How to Present Persuasively
J. Warner Wallace - How to Present Persuasively
Greg Koukl - Tactics
J. Warner Wallace - How to Avoid Death by PowerPoint
All Instructors - Q&A
Alisa Childers - 3 Responses to the Errors of Liberal Christianity
Richard Howe— How Theology Needs Philosophy
Frank Turek— The Most Important Skill in Apologetics
David Wood—How to Crush it on You Tube
All Instructors—Lessons Learned from Presentations
Greg Koukl—Advanced Tactics
Bobby Conway—How to get Apologetics into your Church
Brett Kunkle—God & Morality: Can We Be Good



16 sessions plus 2 Q&A




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