CONTRADICT Bumper Sticker

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CONTRADICT, a truthful response to COEXIST.  




"They Can't All Be True"


  • Crescent Moon - Islam
  • Yin Yang - Taoism/Daoism
  • N – is just a letter representing NO religion
  • Ankh - ancient Egypt, known as "the key of life" or the "cross of life".  Because of its association with the afterlife, Coptic Christians of Egypt in the 4th century CE took it as their own symbol.
  • Kokopelli – Native American fertility God
  • Atheism
  • Om or Aum – Hindu (note: the “D” is not part of the symbol.)
  • Star of David – Judaism
  • C – no symbol
  • Crucifix - Christianity


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8 Reviews

  • 5
    timely response to relativism

    good bumper sticker, provokes dialogue

  • 4
    Different word needed?

    I love the bumper sticker, but wish the word chosen was slightly different. "Contradict" unfortunately has some negative overtones that suggest being argumentative. I would propose the word "Contend" which is a word used in the New Testament about how we are to defend the Gospel.

  • 5
    One word says it all

    Bumper stickers are tricky: six words or less is what you have to work with, and this one does it well. May it surpass the COEXIST stickers in both numbers and impact!

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