Does Jesus Trump Your Politics (DVD)

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  • Does Jesus Trump Your Politics (DVD)
  • Does Jesus Trump Your Politics (DVD)
  • Does Jesus Trump Your Politics (DVD)


Does Jesus Trump Your Politics?  

by Dr. Frank Turek 

In every election season, Christians in the United States have to make choice between two parties with two distinct platforms.  On what issues should we base our vote?  What about the separation of church and state?  Are some issues more important than others?  Don’t other pro-life issues— like poverty, healthcare and racism— outweigh abortion?  Where do the Republican and Democrat platforms stand on the major issues? 


Frank addresses those and three major questions in this timely show:


1.  Should Christians be involved in Politics? 

2.  What are the Most Important Issues? 

3.  Does Abortion Trump Everything Else?   


You’ll also see that Jesus got involved politically and scolded the politicians of his day for neglecting the more important matters of the law.  Watch this before you vote! 


Approximately 55 minutes.


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