Five Questions No One Ever Asks About Gay Rights (DVD mp4 Download Set)

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5 Questions No One Ever Asks About Gay Rights Implementation of same-sex marriage is eroding religious and political freedom across the globe. (In this program Frank even shares how he has been affected personally by the intolerance of homosexual activists.) Yet Christians must love people without endorsing destructive behavior. Frank believes we can do this by asking five questions no one ever asks. With those five questions, you can make a great case for the biblical view without quoting the Bible. 

1. Marriage: Why does the government endorse natural marriage at all?
2. Orientation: What is sexual orientation?
3. Behavior: Should people act on every feeling they have?
4. Endorsement: Must the government endorse every behavior that flows from every feeling? 
5. Results: Do heterosexual and homosexual relationships have the same impact on individuals and society? 

Frank also answers objections such as “We Were Born This Way" and “Homosexuality is Like Race.”  Keywords: Five Questions No One Ever Asks About Gay Rights (DVD Set) - Frank Turek, gay rights, homosexual, gay, DF0079, DF0805Q

2-part Downloadable mp4 video series 

Part 1 Duration: 59.0 Minutes
Part 2 Duration: 53.5 Minutes 

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