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Where does Life’s Compass Point?  Jesus, You, and the Essentials of Christianity

Episode 17: How should we live then?

Imagine that you get lost way out in the forest and your only hope of getting out alive is to follow direction from a magnetic compass.  But instead of the compass pointing to magnetic north, the compass always points to you.  How helpful would that compass be?  Not at all!  

Why then do so many of us live as if life’s compass points to us?  Do we get to decide what life’s purpose is and how to live it?  Or, is there an objective purpose to life and a right way to live it?  

Join Dr. Frank Turek as he highlights God’s purposes for our lives and the essentials truths of Christianity.  In this 17-part series filmed for TV, you’ll get practical answers to these and other important questions: 

  • What’s wrong with you and the world?

  • What is the Bible all About?

  • How do we interpret the Bible?

  • What is God like? 
  • Who is Jesus?   

  • What is the Trinity?

  • Why is the Resurrection so important?

  • What is God’s solution to our brokenness?

  • What is faith and why does God want it?

  • How should we live then?

In this final episode of the series, Frank brings all of the lessons together to answer the question, “How should we live then?”  Is the Bible our only source of direction?  How much of the Old Testament is binding on Christians today?  What is the relationship of the Old and New Testaments and why is the New Testament “drive control” in our lives?  Why should we have an eternal perspective as we go through life?  And for those who are running away from God, you might be surprised to learn that you probably want exactly what God wants for you.  Don’t miss this one!








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