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PowerPoint Slides Why I Still Don't Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist - (download)

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Over 400 slides with stunning graphics and backgrounds, brings the material to a new level! Used by Frank in his presentations and now available to you for presenting "Why I Still Don't Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist".  Originally presented in 12 / 25-40 minute sessions. This is the download version.  To view a sample of the presentation and slide view, watch here:

    1. Does Truth Exist? The Road Runner Tactic  
    2. Does God Exist? In the Beginning...  
    3. Does God Exist? Divine Design  
    4. Does God Exist? The Origin of Life  
    5. Does God Exist? What About Evolution
    6. Does God Exist? The Moral Law  
    7. Are Miracles Possible? Signs of God or Gullibility  
    8. Is the NT True? Do We Have an Accurate Copy?  
    9. Did the NT Writers Tell the Truth? (Part 1)
    10. Did the NT Writers Tell the Truth? (Part 2)
    11. What Books Should Be in the Bible?
    12. So What If It’s True? 

The sessions follow the progression of the curriculum and study guide.

This is a large file. Please allow time for the download to complete. PowerPoint 2007 or later (pptx format). PowerPoint only, no audio.

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3 Reviews

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    powerpoint slide quality

    Posted by carlos on 27th Feb 2021

    while i appreciate the content, the slides are not in representable states. i can fix them eventually which is what i'll do but you shouldnt have to when you pay for a product. RESPONSE: thank you for your review. This review does not provide us with your order details, so we aren't able to connect you to an order. Please contact us directly if you are having issues using the product. We are not aware of anyone else experiencing complications like this.

  • 5

    PowerPoint Slides

    Posted by Tracy on 14th Jul 2020

    I purchased the PPT slides to use them in an apologetics study I'm leading via Zoom with other homeschool moms, and the slides work great. In order to use them effectively, you must be very familiar with his content. I have read IDHEFA several times and I have watched the DVDs over and over to get a better handle on how to present the material. Great Product with essential information!

  • 5

    more knowledge is more loving God

    Posted by JHS on 16th Oct 2019

    It organizes my knowledge of God and leads me to another level. Surprisingly more knowledge is more loving God.

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