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We've launched a dynamic on line course program to reach people all over the world with the subjects they love to learn.  

Here is the goal:

We are combining Impact Apologetic's products and customer service with Frank Turek and CrossExamined.org's knowledge as well as other outstanding Christian professors (like Gary Habermas, J. Warner Wallace and Dan Wallace).  Working together we can offer people all over the world access to powerful teaching that will be philosophically and theologically sound as well as convenient and fun!  We believe that all truth is God's truth so there will be no limit to subjects or ages.  Reason U will use the latest in on line instruction platforms to offer video, downloads, group discussion and live interaction to fully create a classroom dynamic.  Our courses will be sure to please the wisest sages and the newest learner - from those who have studied all their lives, love learning and just want to go deeper to homeschoolers who desire an official curriculum.

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