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Sex and Your Commanding Officer (DVD)

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  • Sex and Your Commanding Officer (DVD)
  • Sex and Your Commanding Officer (DVD)
  • Sex and Your Commanding Officer (DVD)


Who is your commanding officer: Jesus or the culture?

Who is your commanding officer? Is it Jesus or someone else? Is it Jesus or yourself? Is it Jesus or the culture? If you say it's Jesus, well Jesus said, "If you love me you will keep my commands." Yet we see people in the church today not only failing to keep his commands but denying they are commands at all, especially when it comes to sexual behavior.

Join Frank for completely politically incorrect, but biblically correct, insights into what's right and true regarding sexual behavior, and why the church and its critics are wrong to think that love
requires approval. Beware. If you're a skinny jeans wearing, latte sipping pastor who thinks Jesus and his apostles were wrong about sex, you will not like this. No punches are pulled!

The presentation starts with LT Hiroo Onoda, a member of the Japanese imperial army, who refused to believe WWII was over and continued to fight on a Philippine Island until relieved of his duty in 1974! What relevance does that have? Watch!

This presentation also includes Q&A.

by Dr. Frank Turek

Approximately 55 minutes.


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