Jesus vs. The Culture

Jesus vs. The Culture

Who Do You Trust?

 As America continues to devolve into an anti-Christian culture, Christians are increasingly being confronted with choices that may result in conflict with friends, family and their employers. Disagree with the culture and you may get cancelled! 

Do you know how Christ and the culture differ on important issues? What evidence do we have that Jesus is right and the culture is wrong? When you are forced to choose between Christ and the culture, will you submit to the culture or stand with Christ? 

Join Dr. Frank Turek for a revealing and immensely practical look at the conflict between Jesus and the culture. There are 23 hour-long shows in this series.  You’ll see where Jesus and Culture differ and how you can respond when confronted with the following questions and topics:

  • Biblical Justice vs. Social Justice
  • Can the Bible be Trusted?
  • Cancel Culture: How should we respond when threatened?
  • Critical Race Theory
  • Does Love Require Approval?
  • Economics: Socialism or Capitalism?
  • Equality vs. Equity
  • How did you get here: Evolution or Intelligent Design?
  • Progressive Christianity
  • Sex & Love
  • What did Jesus tell us about Politics?
  • What does it really mean to be Free?
  • What is your True Identity?
  • What’s the Purpose of Life?

Instruction on issues that will help Christians be salt and light to today's culture.