Stealing From God

Stealing From God

Stealing From God

Stealing from God:  Why atheists need God to make their case.

with Dr. Frank Turek

What if your best reasons to doubt God show that He actually exists?  

 That’s exactly what Dr. Frank Turek, who co-authored the best selling I Don't Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist, unpacks in his DVD series named after his book Stealing from God:  Why atheists need God to make their case. 

 Frank uses an acronym to make this teaching memorable.  Stealing from God is organized around CRIMES, which highlights the intellectual CRIMES atheists are making when denying God.  “CRIMES” stands for Causality, Reason, Information, Morality, Evil and Science.  Those are aspects of reality that atheists often say disprove God, when, in fact, none of them would exist unless God did.

 Frank makes and illustrates his case in ten lessons.      

  1. Who is God?  Do atheists merely lack a belief in God?
  2. Causality:  How could no one create something out of nothing?
  3. Reason:  Why atheism makes reason impossible.
  4. Information:  Why Darwinism is dead.
  5. Intentionality:  Why God is necessary even if evolution is true.
  6. Morality:  How atheists steal rights from God.
  7. Evil:  Why evil disproves atheism.
  8. Science:  Science doesn’t say anything, scientists do!
  9. The four point case for Christianity including “Elaborate Testimony”:  The most amazing evidence for the Bible you’ve never heard before.
  10. Elaborate Testimony part 2. 

Dr. Frank Turek is a dynamic speaker and award-winning author or coauthor of three books: I Don’t have Enough Faith to be an AtheistCorrect, Not Politically Correct, Legislating Morality  and Stealing From God. As the President of, Frank impacts young and old alike at colleges, high schools and churches with hard yet entertaining evidence for Christianity. He hosts a hour long TV program each week called I Don't Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist that is broadcast on DirecTV Channel 378 (the NRB Network). His radio program called CrossExamined with Frank Turek airs on 144 stations. Frank also writes a column for and has appeared on many TV and radio programs including: The O’Reilly Factor, Hannity and Colmes, Faith under Fire, Politically Incorrect, The Bible Answermanand Focus on the Family. He has debated atheist Christopher Hitchens twice. A former Aviator in the U.S. Navy, Frank has a Masters from George Washington University and a Doctorate in Apologetics from Southern Evangelical Seminary. 


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