So the Next Generation will Know

So the Next Generation will Know

What do you get when you combine a professor and a cold case detective?

An amazing guide to reaching Generation Z with a biblical worldview!

If you’re raising, teaching, or pastoring Generation Z, curriculum was created for you. Backed by the latest research and filled with ideas for activities and teaching methods, this powerful guide shows how to share biblical truth with a global generation that desperately needs to hear it.

As the debate over worldview enters new territory, this series will help you reach and engage a generation that’s under assault from secular culture. As believers, we’re concerned as we watch a generation disengage from the church. Christian parents, youth leaders, and educators who work with Generation Z strive to relate and share what we know about Jesus in ways that make sense but struggle to understand the unique perspectives and connected life that permeates this youngest generation.

Written by two youth influencers and experts on Generation Z, Sean McDowell, PhD, and J. Warner Wallace, So the Next Generation Will Know DVD Curriculum is an extraordinarily practical tool for anyone concerned with ensuring the next generation understands and embraces a biblical worldview.