How to Interpret Your Bible

How to Interpret Your Bible

Have you ever heard a sermon on how to interpret the Bible? A presentation in a Sunday school? Small group? On Christian radio or TV?


Few have. Yet, if we are going to make the most out of our lives both now and into eternity, what could be more important than properly understanding God’s Word? That’s why we put together this twelve-part series. In it, we’ll discover:


  • What is the Bible all about?
  • Should we take the Bible literally?
  • How does the Old Testament apply to us today?
  • How NOT to Interpret the Bible (The Top Ten Mistakes)
  • What is the easiest way to discover the right interpretation? STOP!
  • How to Interpret problem passages
  • What do you need to know before interpreting the Bible?
  • What translation should we use?
  • If the Bible is clear, then why are there so many denominations?


Please get the companion workbook to make sure that you’ll be able to remember and apply the critical insights Frank will show you in this series. There’s nothing more important following God’s will in your life. And for that, you have to properly interpret and apply His Word.


Coordinating DVDs, teacher and student study guides are available for those wishing to use this series in a group or class setting.