Frank Turek

Answering Islam (DVD mp4 Download set)

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2 Part Series.  

Frank Turek investigates the greatest global competitor to Christianity: Islam. He answers many of the most pressing questions, including:

  • How did Islam get started?
  • What does Islam teach? 
  • Is it a religion of peace?
  • Where does the justification for jihad come from?
  • What is the evidence for and against Islam?
  • How does it compare with Christianity? 
  • How can you reach Muslims?
  • What is the one question you should ask a Muslim? 
Frank also takes questions from the audience. Downloadable mp4 video.ey Words: islam, muslim, religion, religions, world religions, Answering Islam - Abdul Saleeb, Norman L. Geisler, 9780801064302

Title: “Islam” Part 1 of 2  Duration: 59 Minutes, (58:59;29)

Title: “Islam” Part 2 of 2  Duration: 58.5 Minutes, (58:29;29)

Downloadable mp4 video.

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1 Review

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    Great insight

    Posted by Mathew Robinson on 8th Oct 2020

    I really love the knowledge and intriguing session.

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