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Are You Being Deceived to Death? The Case for Life (mp4 download)

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Are You Being Deceived to Death?  The Case for Life (mp4 Download)  

by Dr. Frank Turek 


Are you being deceived?  How can you know?  That’s the problem with deception— you don’t know you’re being deceived until someone shows you the truth.  

 Join Frank Turek as he shows you how an entire culture is being deceived to death by pleasant sounding words and slogans, and how you can see and share the case for life.  As part of this presentation for life, Frank includes a short video that has been censored by You Tube.  Once you see this video, it’s hard to imagine how anyone could remain in favor of abortion.  

Frank also responds to objections, such as:  the separation of church and state; don’t impose your morals on me; my body, my choice; freedom to choose, privacy, rape and incest; I’m pro-life after birth; you’re just a one issue voter, and others.  


Approximately 55 minutes.


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