Genetic Ethics: Technological Possibilities and Christian Responsibilities CD

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In the past several decades no other area in medicine has advanced as much as genetic research. With the completion of the mapping of the human genome this year, researchers are currently developing new treatments for the over 3000 genetic disabilities infecting thousands of persons. While genetic research and intervention hold out hope for tremendous benefits, they also raise disturbing ethical questions that go to the heart of what it means to be a human being: Will we be forced to undergo genetic screening? Who will be able to obtain our genetic information? What about genetic discrimination? How easy will it be to shift from treatment for the human race to enhancement of the human race. Are we about to enter a new period of eugenics? What are our Christian responsibilities in light of the new genetic technology? Keywords: Genetic Ethics: Technological Possibilities and Christian Responsibilities - Mark Foreman, Bioethics, Apologetics, Ethics

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