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Galatians - mp3 audio download Complete Series

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Galatians: Defending the Good News of Grace

(mp3 download Complete Audio Series)

13 Verse by verse Lessons approximately one-hour each


 Dr. Frank Turek 


Join Dr. Frank Turek as he teaches through the apostle Paul’s first and most provocative book:  The great book of Galatians.  

 Paul’s defense of freedom through grace is just as reverent today as it was in the first century.  Each lesson covers the text of Galatians and applies it to our lives today.  

    • Lesson 1:  Accursed is anyone preaching “another Gospel".
    • Lesson 2:  I dope-slapped Peter for reversing the Gospel.
    • Lesson 3:  No one will be justified by the law.
    • Lesson 4:  Why does God approve of you? 
    • Lesson 5:  How was Abraham saved:  by law or a promise? 
    • Lesson 6:  Do you rely on the law?  You’re cursed! 
    • Lesson 7:  Can God be bribed? 
    • Lesson 8:  Making enemies by telling the truth! 
    • Lesson 9:  Don’t fall away from grace.
    • Lesson 10:  Kicking people out of the church? 
    • Lesson 11: How to be led by the Spirit and produce the fruit of the Spirit.
    • Lesson 12:  Crucifying our sinful natures. 
    • Lesson 13: Are you living for the Lord’s or the world’s approval?  

Each session is about 55 minutes long.


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