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Hollywood Heroes (paperback)

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  • Hollywood Heroes (paperback)
  • Hollywood Heroes (paperback)
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Hollywood Heroes

How Your Favorite Movies Reveal God

by Frank Turek 

and Zach Turek

When the Apostle Paul was in Athens in AD 51 trying to reach the Greeks with the Gospel, he didn’t quote the Old Testament as he did with the Jews.  He found a bridge to the Gospel by quoting their own poets and referencing beliefs in their own gods.  In effect, Paul used the stories of his hearers to bring them to faith. 

That’s what authors Frank and his son Zach are trying to do in their new book Hollywood Heroes:  How your Favorite Movies Reveal God.  Many young people (and old) are enthralled with the heroes and storylines they see in blockbuster movie franchises such as, Captain America, Iron Man, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Batman and others.  They are enthralled because those movies speak to a deep desire people of nearly all faiths have: to be rescued from this world of pain and suffering and be taken to a place of bliss.  That’s exactly what Christianity promises. 

Following the lead of Paul, Hollywood Heroes uses the stories and desires of today to point people to the greatest story ever told and the world’s ultimate hero—Jesus of Nazareth.  It also provides a fun way to get kids more interested in God and Christianity.  They’ve weaved apologetics, theology, and biblical life lessons into the book as well.  So hopefully, you will use it to bring people to Christ and to help deepen their walk with Him. 

 Captain America assembles the Avengers. Iron Man battles Thanos. Luke Skywalker duels Darth Vader. Aragorn charges Mordor. Batman confronts the Joker. Superman destroys Doomsday. Wonder Woman defeats Ares. We are captivated. Why?

We are entranced by stories that take us to a world where heroes fight evil and sacrifice themselves for a greater good because we long for our world to be free from pain, suffering, and struggle. That’s the real hope and promise of Jesus—when He returns to set things right.

In Hollywood Heroes, you’ll see how:
  • Your favorite movie heroes are patterned after the Ultimate Hero—Jesus of Nazareth
  • Big screen stories parallel the real-world fight between good and evil
  • Movies and characters can impart inspiring biblical life lessons on justice, purpose, courage, strength, sacrifice, faith, and love

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May 3, 2022
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