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Inroad into the Scientific Academic Community (mp3)

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Hear Phillip Johnson discuss the Inroad into the Scientific Academic Community   Keywords: Inroad into the Scientific Academic Community - Phillip Johnson, Apologetics,  cults, religiongod, design, teleological, evolution, id, Phillip Johnson, Darwinism, Evolution

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    Very insightful!

    Posted by Anthony Dispenza on 19th Dec 2012

    This audio file provides exceptional audio quality. The material itself is very original. Philip E. Johnson ( author of "Darwin on Trial") does not so much refute Darwinism in this file, or even discuss the superiority of Intelligent Design (ID) top Darwinism. Instead, he describes the strategy he employs to change the minds of influential thinkers in the scientific community. The most crucial part of his strategy is what he calls "the wedge". The idea is an analogy in which dogmatic adehrence to Darwinism is an impenetrable log, and to penetrate the log one must find a crack - a weak point - and insert a wedge. The sharpest part of the wedge pushes forward, allowing the wider remainder of the wedge to pry the two sides of the log apart. To learn what the weakness, the tip of the wedge and the wider portions of the wedge are you'll have to listen to the file. Another interesting tidbit from Johnson is that he purposely does not "go for the kill" in debates because he doesn't want to score debaters points, but instead wants to perpetuate conversation with Darwinists by simply normalizing the idea of ID in their eyes. He feels that it is more profitable to the movement to allow his opponents to save face and engage in a civil discussion between mutually respectful scientists, instead of agitating his opponents which inevitably leads to the Darwinist portraying ID as religiously-biased pseudo-science. This is the only file I know of that so adequately informs the listener of how the battle for science will be won.

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