Frank Turek

Legislating Morality (PowerPoint download)

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  • Legislating Morality (PowerPoint download)
  • Legislating Morality (PowerPoint download)


All laws legislate morality. The only question is "Whose morality will be legislated?" 
Turek gives compelling answers as they reason from the Moral Law. These are arguments you can use in the public square without being charged with the fallacious "separation of church and state" (another myth that Turek debunks). 

Goes with the award-winning book (and audio seminar below) that boldly challenges prevailing thinking about right and wrong and about our nation's moral future. It answers the pro-abortion, homosexual and euthanasia lobbies without using the Bible.  Keywords: Legislating Morality (PowerPoint download) - Frank Turek, Teaching Aids, Curriculum, Frank Turek, Legislating Morality, ethics, moral, morals, morality,  politics, government, Relativism,

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