Tricia Scribner

LifeGivers Apologetics: Women Designed and Equipped to Share Reasons for the Hope Within

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By Tricia Scribner

Author Tricia Scribner contends that as God-designed nurturers and relational beings, women bring to faith conversations an intimacy and warmth that opens doors to discussions about the deepest concerns of unbelievers and doubting Christians. She systematically explains the evidence for believing that truth is objective, that God is more than an imaginary friend conjured by weak-minded people, that the rational person should believe in the possibility of miracles, that the New Testament is a trustworthy document, and that in the New Testament Jesus Christ not only claimed to be God, but also proved He was God. LifeGivers Apologetics is a must-have resource that every Christian woman needs on her bookshelf as a ready reference to equip herself with the knowledge and skills she needs in order to share evidences supporting the truth claims of the Christian faith. To assist in navigating conversations, Tricia also shares basic communication skills, many of which she learned in her years as a registered nurse. At the end of the book, the gospel message is clearly explained so that the reader can know how to tell someone exactly how to trust Jesus as Savior. Finally, endnotes at the back of the book provide information on a wealth of resources the reader can access to further enhance learning.


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