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Oh, Why Didn't I Say That? Does Evolution Disprove God? (mp4 Download)

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“Oh, Why Didn’t I Say That?”
How to Answer the Toughest Questions About Christianity Gracefully

Episode 12:  Does Evolution Disprove God? 

by Dr. Frank Turek

You’ll learn the key questions to ask when someone says that evolution disproves God.   And then you’ll discover three things about evolution that will help you show people that evolution, even if true, cannot disprove God.   They are:

        1.  The two primary arguments for macroevolution don’t work
        2. There is strong evidence against macroevolution and for design
        3. Even if macroevolution were true, Christianity could still be true

You’ll see that the disagreement over evolution has little to do with evidence, and nearly everything to do with philosophical assumptions.   Once you expose those assumptions, you'll see that the primary evidence for macroevolution is not only weak, it is circular.  Frank will also reviews the vast evidence for a Creator and Designer.

This interactive session includes give and take with a live audience, and makes use of the CrossExamined App (which works on all smart phone and tablet devices).

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