Frank Turek

The Case for Christian Activism (mp4 Download Set)

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Should Christians be involved in politics? What about the separation of church and state? We’re not supposed to judge, right? Won’t political involvement hurt our ability to evangelize? 
Frank demolishes common myths about Christians and politics and shows that virtually everything—including the church and our ability to evangelize—is affected by politics. You’ll see how politics affects: 

•Your Church
•Your Children
•Your Health
•Your Money
•Your Business
•Your Freedom
•Your Property
•Your School
•Your Home
•Your Security
•Your Safety
•The Poor
•The Unborn

Frank shows how the blame for much of our country’s woes can be placed at the foot of the church. It’s time to take a stand for Christ for the good of the church, our country and its citizens.

Two part Downloadable mp4 video series. 

DVD 1 Duration: 49.5 Minutes
DVD 2 Duration: 58.5 Minutes 

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