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What I Discovered Digging in Jerusalem by Eli Shukron (with Frank Turek) mp4 video DOWNLOAD

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“What I Discovered Digging in Jerusalem” by Israeli Archaeologist Eli Shukron

A Show and Tell Presentation with Dr. Frank Turek


For more than 20 years, archaeologist Eli Shukron led digs in and around Jerusalem.  Now you can see Eli’s most amazing discoveries all in one place (some of these discoveries aren’t even published yet).   Frank Turek interviews Eli who shows us how he uncovered the ancient city of David, and how these and other discoveries affirm the truth of the Bible.  Among the discoveries you’ll see are: 


  • The Pool of Siloam (where Jesus healed the blind man in John 9)
  • The road and drainage channel from the pool of Siloam to the temple mount
  • Artifacts from the Roman siege of Jerusalem
  • A bell from the robe of the High Priest (who entered the Holy of Holies wearing the bell)
  • Coins from under the Western Wall 
  • A unique inscription about Bethlehem
  • Ancient pottery (over 2500 years old!) 
  • The citadel that David took from the Jebusites that’s over 3000 years old! (2 Sam. 5) 
  • An ancient temple (“Temple Zero”) in the City of David that may be 4000 years old! (The temple of Melchizedek?)


Eli is such an accomplished archaeologist that only he has access to some of the sites you will see.  Unless you have Eli Shukron as your tour guide in Israel, you will not see many of these fascinating discoveries anywhere else!  

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