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What is God Like? Look to the Heavens (mp4) download

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What is God Like?  LOOK TO THE HEAVENS!
by Dr. Frank Turek

The most important thing about you is what you think about
when you hear the word “God”. What do you think about: an
old man on a cloud? A big angel? A bigger version of you?

In order to get a glimpse of what God is really like, the Bible
tells us to “look to the heavens”! That’s exactly what Frank
does in this mind-expanding and astonishing sermon about
the attributes of God. Utilizing shots from the Hubble
Space Telescope, Frank takes you beyond our galaxy into
this unimaginably vast and beautiful universe to get a more
accurate sense of who God is.

Following this sermon, an invitation was given and over 50
people came forward to accept the sacrifce Jesus made for


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4 Reviews

  • 1

    Ill never know

    Posted by shaun vitek on 22nd Sep 2022

    I'm sure this is an amazing presentation, but unfortunately, after a failed attempt at downloading the file and many attempts with customer service who showed almost no interest in helping me restart the download or returning my money. I consider it a donation to what I'm sure is a good cause. RESPONSE: I regret that I could not please this customer. I certainly deserve this review personally. I was unable to get a helpful reply via either email I sent so I tried to issue a refund. It is my fault that I did not notice the refund was not accepted. His refund has since gone through. There was nothing wrong with the product or the link. It was his choice not to help me fix the issue.

  • 5

    Fresh perspective

    Posted by Odaine on 12th Jan 2021

    I really like how the majesty and the power of God was demonstrated through the wonders of the universe.

  • 5

    What is God Like? MP4

    Posted by Evan R. on 9th Jan 2021

    Dr. Turek jumped right into the presentation pointing to God's attributes. Right away that got rid of the idea that God is simply "the man upstairs." The sermon centers around Isaiah 40:25-26 and it gets unpacked engagingly and entertainingly. I appreciate having this resource as does my wife.

  • 5

    Apologetics and teaching in natural theology

    Posted by Șoaită Paul on 3rd Jan 2021

    I would say this is a must for every beginner in the field of apologetic,as it is well compressed and made;definitely something I recommend

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