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Your Most Important Thinking Skill - Exposing Self-Defeating Claims
by Dr. Frank Turek

So many of the claims put forth against the Christian faith are logically self-defeating or are double standards. But they may not appear that way to the casual observer. That’s why you need to train yourself to analyze every claim to see if it contradicts itself or meets its own standard. Once you get good at this, you will not only become a fearless defender of the truth, you will also save yourself and your hearers a lot of pain and suffering by avoiding error. In this one hour show, Frank shows you how to expose 20 different false claims including:

• There is no truth
• There are no absolutes
• It’s true for you but not for me
• You shouldn’t impose your morals on others
• All truth comes through science
• You can’t know the real world
• That’s just your interpretation
• The laws of logic are just human constructions
• You should doubt everything
• Philosophy is dead
• The reader determines the meaning
• Materialism is true
• Who made God?
• Consciousness is an illusion
• You ought not judge
• And more!

After defending the Christian faith for 25 years, Frank is convinced that this is the most important thinking skill every person needs to have.


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