Mike Adams, Frank Turek and J. Warner Wallace

Fearless Faith - Complete DVD Series

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with Dr. Mike Adams, Dr. Frank Turek and Det. J. Warner Wallace

Spending $100,000 on college where your children will be indoctrinated into atheism?  Perhaps you should spend $75 inoculating them with the truth about Christianity.

The Christian faith is being strongly challenged from nearly every segment of society, from the college classroom to the corporate boardroom. In fact, college professors are five times more likely to be atheists than the general public, and more than half of professors have unfavorable feelings toward Evangelical Christians. Add to this, a barrage of “sensitivity training,” politically correct indoctrination and peer pressure both at school and in the workplace, and we have a perfect storm, toxic to faith.  Unfortunately, most students and adults go into that hostile environment unarmed and unprepared.  That’s why the Fearless Faith teaching is essential! 

FEARLESS FAITH is a set for students and adults to help you become fearless about your Christian beliefs, whether it is at the water cooler at work, over dinner with your family, or in a classroom that’s hostile to Christianity. You will learn practical and invaluable helps including:


  • What’s the one essential critical thinking skill you need to be fearless in your faith?
  • How should you respond when professors or co-workers challenge your faith?
  • What are the four most important questions to ask unbelievers?
  • I Don’t Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist (and the cold case evidence for Christianity) 
  • How can you resist sexual totalitarianism?
  • How do we know Jesus really rose from the dead?
  • What can you do when the university tries to close down your Christian club, or prevent your Christian speaker from speaking on campus?
  • Answering the four toughest objections to Christianity
  • How to combat campus speech codes and other unconstitutional policies
  • Why atheists need God to make their case
  • The Top Ten Apps you must have on your smartphone
  • And much more!

 Contains nearly 7 hours including:  

Disc 1 -

 Why You Need a Fearless Faith with Frank Turek (41 minutes)

 12 Step Plan (Part 1) with Mike Adams (48 minutes)

 Cold Case Reliability with J. Warner Wallace (66 minutes)

 Q & A with Mike Adams, Frank Turek and J. Warner Wallace (20 minutes)  

Disc 2 -

 I Don't Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist with Frank Turek (49 minutes)

 12 Step Plan (Part 2) with Mike Adams (46 minutes)

 Cold Case Resurrection with J. Warner Wallace (49 minutes)

  Disc 3 -

 Stealing From God with Frank Turek (59 minutes)

 Q & A with Mike Adams, Frank Turek and J. Warner Wallace (40 minutes)





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5 Reviews

  • 5

    Fearless Faith DVD

    Posted by M.M. Recendez on 21st Apr 2024

    Love it! Have attended various conferences where same topics discussed, so I'm excited to have DVDs to review material. Great teaching tool!

  • 5

    The best apologetic teaching tool !

    Posted by Herb on 30th Oct 2019

    This DVD set is my new "go to" teaching tool for Christian apologetic. Before this, the DVD set, "I Don't Have Enough Faith To Be An Atheist" was the best for teaching high school and college; is still great! However, "Fearless Faith" provides a great foundation for teaching students/youth/ young adults, and parents about how to defend your faith especially in colleges. Also, how to know and defend your constitutional rights as a Christian in colleges. This DVD set is excellent; a must have for every youth minister and parent!!! It's worth the investment that can save you money spent on education but more importantly, the spiritual well being of your children. Well done! Buy it, you'll be glad you did. May God bless.

  • 5

    Fearless Faith

    Posted by Jamie Miser on 4th Oct 2019

    The Fearless Faith DVD series is an excellent resource! I find myself watching them over and over. Turek and Wallace are at the top of my favorite apologists list and they continue to inspire me to share my faith and make much of Jesus. I highly recommend this resource to anyone interested in top quality apologetic material.

  • 5

    Teaching Tools

    Posted by Cesar on 6th May 2019

    Excelent resource

  • 5


    Posted by on 6th Mar 2017

    This was a tour de force of Christian apologetics! All three speakers are absolutely at the top of their game. My family and I learned so much from all three discs. If you are interested in defending your faith or question the validity of Christianity, watch this set! God bless you and thank you Impact aAologetics for your ministry, Mark C. Tucson, AZ

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