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Miracles: The Evidence - DVD Complete Series

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  • Miracles: The Evidence - DVD Complete Series
  • Miracles: The Evidence - DVD Complete Series
  • Miracles: The Evidence - DVD Complete Series
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Miracles: The Evidence
Did they Occur in Bible Times? Do they Occur Today? 

The modern skeptical mind is set against the possibility of miracles, which means Christianity is dismissed out of hand.  Many in our culture see the Bible as a collection of myths and fables.  And those who claim they believe or have seen a miracle are mocked.  But where does the evidence point?  Are miracles possible?  Did they really occur in Biblical times?  Do they occur today?  Frank Turek looks at the latest evidence in this fascinating six-part series.  Join him as he dives into the following questions:     

 What is and isn’t a miracle?

  • What is the purpose of Biblical miracles?
  • What are the arguments against miracles?
  • Are miracles possible?
  • Did Jesus really perform miracles?
  • Do miracles happen today?
  • If they do, why aren’t there more of them?
  • What about miracles in other religions?
  • Are exorcisms and Satanic activity real?
  • What do near death experiences prove?

 If miracles haven’t occurred, then Christianity is false.  That’s why this series is so important!   


6 sessions approximately 58 minutes each.

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