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God's Crime Scene: The Cumulative Case for a Divine Creator (mp4 download)

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J. Warner Wallace presents an overview of his new book, God’s Crime Scene: A Cold-Case Detective Examines the Evidence for a Divinely Created Universe. How do detectives know when a murder has occurred? Every death investigation presents one of four possibilities; the victim died accidentally, died from natural causes, committed suicide or was murdered. Only one of these circumstances requires someone outside the room to enter the scene. Accidental deaths, natural deaths and suicides can occur without an intruder. Homicide detectives, therefore, are looking for evidence of outside involvement. One important question must be asked and answered: “Can the evidence ‘in the room’ be explained by staying ‘in the room’?” 

As we examine the universe around us, a similar opportunity awaits those who want to begin the most important of all investigations. Can everything we see in the universe be explained solely from causes found within the natural realm, or is there evidence of an outside “intruder”?  



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2-part Downloadable mp4 video set.  Each Episode is approximately 55 minutes.










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