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God's Crime Scene: The Case for God’s Existence from the Appearance of Design (mp3 audio Download Set)

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The Case for God’s Existence from the Appearance of Design in Biology presentation from the book "God’s Crime Scene"

Cold Case Homicide Detective J. Warner Wallace knows how to determine if an intruder has been involved in a crime scene. In his new book (God’s Crime Scene), J. Warner applies a time tested forensic technique to determine if a Divine Intruder has been involved in our universe by examining eight critical pieces of evidence in the cosmic “crime” scene.

In this talk, J. Warner investigates the appearance of design in biological organisms. What are the features of design we commonly attribute to an intelligent designer? Do biological organisms display these features? What is the best explanation for the appearance of design? Can natural unguided forces account for what we see?

 Join J. Warner Wallace as he examines one of eight attributes of the universe to discover if a Divine Intruder is the best inference from the evidence.


J. Warner Wallace


A Homicide Detective Investigates the Claims of the Gospels


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2-part Downloadable mp4 video set.  Each DVD is approximately 50 minutes.










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