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How Old is the Universe? (DVD mp4 Download)

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How Old is the Universe?   MP4
The age of the universe:  it's one of the most controversial topics in all of Christianity.  But according to Dr. Frank Turek, if we take a closer look at science and the Bible, this topic shouldn't be as controversial as it is.  Frank answers these and other questions: 
  • Can science prove the universe is old?
  • Does the Bible say the universe is young?
  • Does it matter how long are the days are in Genesis?  (The answer may surprise you!)
  • Can we use science to interpret the Bible?
  • If the universe is old, how could there be animal death before the fall of Adam?
  • Does an old universe help the theory of evolution?  
In addition, Frank will show you that there was a greater apparent conflict between science and the Bible 400 years ago.  That conflict has been completely resolved.  After you watch this, perhaps you'll say the same about the current apparent conflict. 
For a great book on this topic, Frank recommends "Seven Days that Divide the World" by Dr. John Lennox. 
Length: 58 Minutes (Downloadable mp4 video.) Keywords: How Old is the Universe? - Frank Turek, DF00xx, universe, creation, Age of the Universe, Big Bang Cosmology
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