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How Old is the Universe (MP3)

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How Old is the Universe? 
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The age of the universe:  it's one of the most controversial topics in all of Christianity.  But according to Dr. Frank Turek, if we take a closer look at science and the Bible, this topic shouldn't be as controversial as it is.  Frank answers these and other questions: 
  • Can science prove the universe is old?
  • Does the Bible say the universe is young?
  • Does it matter how long are the days are in Genesis?  (The answer may surprise you!)
  • Can we use science to interpret the Bible?
  • If the universe is old, how could there be animal death before the fall of Adam?
  • Does an old universe help the theory of evolution?  
In addition, Frank will show you that there was a greater apparent conflict between science and the Bible 400 years ago.  That conflict has been completely resolved.  After you watch this, perhaps you'll say the same about the current apparent conflict. 
For a great book on this topic, Frank recommends "Seven Days that Divide the World" by Dr. John Lennox. 
Length: 58 Minutes (MP3 Download) 
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2 Reviews

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    An excellent presentation by Frank Tureck

    Posted by Rodney Ham on 8th Feb 2021

    As usual, Frank is not afraid to tackle a controversial subject.

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    Dr. Turek handles The Great Controversy Magnificently

    Posted by Dr. Ken Wolgemuth on 12th Jul 2014

    This controversy about the age of the universe and the age of the earth has been growing in the church for the last 50 years. It's about time that the church comes to grips with time. Dr. Turek sets the stage by first giving 3 powerful evidences for God as the Creator. Then he compares a great controversy from 400 years ago when the Earth was considered as the center of the universe. He sheds the light on this, that when God's revelation in nature indicated the Earth revolved around the sun from the telescopes of Copernicus and Galileo, the church realized that the Bible was not a text about astronomy. In the battle about the age of the Earth that rages today, Dr. Turek brings people back to Scripture, asking what does it really say. The Greatest miracle in the Bible is Genesis 1:1, that God created the universe out of nothing, in the Big Bang, or better the Big Flash. This lecture should be heard in every church in the country that has been influenced by young-earth creationism. There cannot be real inherent conflict between the Bible and science, because both the Bible and nature have been authored by God. There is only conflict with some people's interpretation of Scripture. Impact Apologetics, please get this important topical lecture into the Christian bookstores across America, so that the church can offer a credible Christian worldview to a hurting world, to scientists as well as non-scientists. Ken Wolgemuth Founder, Solid Rock Lectures

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