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How Old is the Universe? (DVD)

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  • How Old is the Universe? (DVD)
  • How Old is the Universe? (DVD)
  • How Old is the Universe? (DVD)


How Old is the Universe?   DVD
The age of the universe:  it's one of the most controversial topics in all of Christianity.  But according to Dr. Frank Turek, if we take a closer look at science and the Bible, this topic shouldn't be as controversial as it is.  Frank answers these and other questions: 
  • Can science prove the universe is old?
  • Does the Bible say the universe is young?
  • Does it matter how long are the days are in Genesis?  (The answer may surprise you!)
  • Can we use science to interpret the Bible?
  • If the universe is old, how could there be animal death before the fall of Adam?
  • Does an old universe help the theory of evolution?  
In addition, Frank will show you that there was a greater apparent conflict between science and the Bible 400 years ago.  That conflict has been completely resolved.  After you watch this, perhaps you'll say the same about the current apparent conflict. 
For a great book on this topic, Frank recommends "Seven Days that Divide the World" by Dr. John Lennox. 
Length: 58 Minutes (DVD) Keywords: How Old is the Universe? - Frank Turek, DF00xx, universe, creation, Age of the Universe, Big Bang Cosmology
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2 Reviews

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    How Old is the Universe?

    Posted by Billy on 16th Sep 2014

    Very good. Lots of interesting views.

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    It's not important to trust Gods written word and you don't really have to believe or misinterpret Gods holy word !

    Posted by Unknown on 8th Mar 2012

    Hey Frank I am a very big admirer of the great and righteous work you do! Even friends on Facebook too! But I can only go by Gods word only. When you say its not important to believe in a young or old earth. When you read God's word you cant say that 1 part of it isn't important! The bible teaches a young earth view and even Jesus quotes about the beginning of the earth! But to say its an old earth, your clearly twisting Gods word to fit in todays secular world view which usually isn't always correct. Science wouldn't even be possible without the laws of uniformity. I could never believe in a old earth which the bible doesn't support just to fit in todays so called knowledge. Most people don't realize how important this subject is cause it clearly goes against biblical teaching in so many ways. God made Adam first and there was no dying before that and this old earth view clearly has so much death and destruction before man even steps on the stage. Remember God said his creation was good and how do you have all this suffering and death before man and God said everything is good? That wouldn't be good! Old earth teaching is a stumbling block to true wisdom! *****FROM FRANK TUREK: Thanks for your kind comments about my work. However, it seems you did not even watch this DVD before reviewing it because every objection you mention is addressed in the presentation. Moreover, the presentation addresses unprovable assumptions that must be made to date the universe as either old or young (whether you are interpreting the Bible or the natural world). I urge you to watch the video and get John Lennox's book "7 Days that Divide the World" (offered below). The age of the universe is a very interesting topic, but it is not one to divide over.

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