Frank Turek

Is Original Sin Unfair? (MP3 Set)

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Why does God Blame us for Adam’s Sin?

Frank tackles one of the most asked questions about
Christianity. Along the way he answers:
• Are we really depraved?
• What is our nature vs. God’s nature?
• What is the purpose of the Bible?
• What did Adam do to us?
• What did Jesus do for us?
• Why original sin is not unfair but gracious!

Frank uses an interesting analogy from the Apollo 13 mission
to illustrate his main point. He also takes questions from a
college aged audience in this intriguing two part series. Keywords: Is Original Sin Unfair? - Frank Turek, DF006971OS, sin, salvation, theology, save, saved, gospel, Frank Turek, Original sin, 

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Two-part series.

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2 Reviews

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    The Fairness of Original Sin

    Posted by Adam Ali on 20th Dec 2022

    Dr. Turek is a great teacher. He did a great job showing that the greatness of God allowing us to be born into the condition we are born into is in the fact that we, dependent beings, get to choose our liberation.

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    Great and simple explanation of original sin!

    Posted by Unknown on 2nd Apr 2018

    Frank Turek, as always, does an excellent job at unpacking a difficult question.

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