Oh, Why Didn't I Say That? How to Answer the Toughest Questions About Christianity Gracefully (mp4 Download)

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“Oh, Why Didn’t I Say That?”
How to Answer the Toughest Questions About Christianity Gracefully

Episode 1:  Three Questions You Should Always Ask
by Dr. Frank Turek

If someone says something that you think is wrong, what do you say? Do you launch into a refutation, or is there a better way of responding? Join Frank Turek as he shows you practical ways to tactfully direct a spiritual conversation so that people begin to doubt their own false beliefs and then begin to consider Christianity.  

In this first episode of the series, you'll learn:
Three questions you should always ask when someone says something wrong
The most important question you should ask someone who is not a Christian
How to respond to objections such as:
We can't trust the Bible because it was written by men
We get all our truth from Science
You are an intolerant bigot!

This interactive session includes plenty of real-world give and take with a live audience.

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4 Reviews

  • 5

    A very good video and it gives some very good tools. I will be looking to use what I have learnt going forward

  • 5

    Really saves me a lot of time for searching for answers

  • 5
    I love the tactics Dr Frank turek teaches

    One concern is that, when the audience are talking the voice is not clear

  • 4
    great resource

    The material was great. Lots of helpful information. Just found that the sound especially when people were asking questions was not clear.

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