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Oh, Why Didn‰'t I Say That? Why does God allow Bad Things to Happen to Good People? (mp4 Download)

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“Oh, Why Didn’t I Say That?”
How to Answer the Toughest Questions About Christianity Gracefully

Why does God allow Bad Things to Happen to Good People?   by Dr. Frank Turek

Episodes 2 & 3

These 2 shows in the series address the most often asked question about God:  If a good, all-powerful God actually exists, then why does he allow bad things to happen to good people?  Join Frank Turek as he shows you practical ways to engage people who ask this question.  Among the topics addressed include:

  • Real world instances of people using the three questions introduced in the last episode
  • The most important question you should ask someone who is not a Christian
  • What do we mean by “good people”?
  • Does God promise to protect Christians from harm?
  • Biblical examples and explanations as to why God allows evil
  • How evil and suffering build character
  • Why God does not explain all evil and suffering
  • How God did not exempt Himself from suffering
  • Correcting our expectations about evil and suffering (there’s no “prosperity gospel” here!)

This interactive session includes plenty of real-world give and take with a live audience.

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