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Oh, Why Didn't I Say That? Is the Bible Historically Reliable? (mp3 audio Download)

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“Oh, Why Didn’t I Say That?”
How to Answer the Toughest Questions About Christianity Gracefully

Episode 4:  Is the Bible Historically Reliable?
by Ted Wright

In this fourth show in the series Ted Wright will explore the question of the historical reliability of the Bible. Some skeptics often claim that the Bible contains inaccurate historical information or that it is merely a religious document with no foundation in actual history.  

 The episode includes:

  • How do we know the past?  
  • What is a “primary source” in history? 
  • What is the relationship between eyewitness testimony, historical documents and archaeological evidence?  
  • Examples of how to establish historical reliability in recent history.  
  • Examples of the historical reliability from the Bible by using primary sources. 

This interactive session includes Q & A with a live audience.

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