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What Are You Doing with Your Dash: 19XX–20XX? (mp4 Download)

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What are you doing with your dash: 19XX-20XX?

by Dr. Frank Turek 

A time is coming when your life will be represented by a tiny dash between your birthday and the day of your death.  For Jesus, it was 4 B.C.-30 A.D. For George Washington, it was 1732-1798.  For C.S. Lewis, it was 1898-1963. For you, it will be 19XX-20XX (or if you're newer to this world, 20XX-20XX).  What are you doing with your dash?  

Frank starts with the purpose of life and then unpacks the words of Jesus to show how to make your dash count for time and eternity.  Along the way, Frank reveals why our culture is slipping into apathy and dependence.  He then delivers a shocking corrective from Andy Andrews' book How to Kill Eleven Million People.  Are we just singing louder in our churches as people go to their deaths all around us?  See why it's time for all of us to actually live like Christians! 

This is a timely and engaging message for a confused and lost world. 

Downloadable mp4 video.


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