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What's The Greatest Mistake We Make in Marriage? (mp4 Download)

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What's The Greatest Mistake We Make in Marriage? (Downloadable mp4 video)

by Dr. Frank Turek

 Marriage is glorious but also difficult. Too many people abandon marriage because they make one critical mistake.  Frank exposes that mistake and reveals the Biblical purpose of marriage.  He then answers bad excuses we give for divorce, such as:  

I don’t love her anymore.

We’re not compatible.

She’s changed!

He’s so….

I deserve better. 

I’ve met someone else… 

Love shouldn’t be this hard!

It would be better for the kids if they didn’t see us fighting all the time. 


 None of these excuses are biblically justified, and they miss the main point of marriage.  As Christian author Gary Thomas put it, "What if God Designed Marriage to Make Us Holy More Than to Make Us Happy?"  This is a critical lesson for anyone married, thinking of marriage, or knows someone who is married (OK, everyone needs to see this!).  












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