Frank Turek

Hell? The Truth about Eternity (mp4 Download Set)

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You can be wrong about a lot of things, but don’t be wrong about eternity. (You’re going to be dead a lot longer than you’re going to be alive!) Frank addresses questions about Hell head on such as: 
1. What is Hell?
2. What if there is no Hell?
3. Who Goes to Hell and Why? 
4. Isn’t there a Second Chance? 
5. Isn’t Hell Overkill? Why Eternal Punishment for Temporal Sins? 
6. Why Doesn’t God Just Annihilate Sinners? 
7. Why Did God Create those He Knew would Choose Hell?
8. What about Those Who Have Never Heard About Jesus?

2 Downloadable mp4 videos, approx. 55 minutes each. Keywords: DF0077H, DF0078H, Heaven, Life After Death, Hell? The Truth about Eternity (DVD Set) - Frank Turek

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