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When Reason Isn’t the Reason for Unbelief Video (mp4) download

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Are you really on a quest for truth? Video (mp4) download

Did you ever notice that your non-Christian friends often aren’t interested in evidence that would oppose their beliefs? Many of them don’t really care whether or not Christianity is true. They are not on a truth quest—they are on a happiness quest. And they will believe anything that they think will make them happy.

How can you reach such people? Frank gives some practical answers, and exposes the new religion in America (the religion of sex).

In this very well received presentation by Dr. Frank Turek at the National Conference of Christian Apologetics, Frank reveals:

1. What is the one question to ask a non-Christian that will reveal the biggest obstacle to belief?
2. How that same obstacle leads to the most personally relevant argument for God and Christianity
3. How America’s New Religion Steals from God (and uses moral terms to promote immorality)




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