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Oh, Why Didn‰'t I Say That? Answering the Objections: Hypocrisy & Religious Wars, Preventing Family Wars at Holiday Dinners! DVD mp4 Download (DF0140WDISTmp4)

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“Oh, Why Didn’t I Say That?”
How to Answer the Toughest Questions About Christianity Gracefully

Answering the Objections: Hypocrisy & Religious Wars
Preventing Family Wars at Holiday Dinners! 

Episodes 6 & 7

Episode 6:  Answering "Hypocrisy" & "Religious Wars" Objections
by Ted Wright
In episode 6, Ted Wright takes on two objections which are often leveled against Christianity: hypocrisy & religious wars. Skeptics often point out that if Christianity was true then why doesn't it change the lives of its followers? A similar objection centers around the charge that at certain times throughout history, the Christian religion has been the cause of needless bloodshed and wars. The episode will cover:

  • What exactly is hypocrisy?  
  • Is the charge of hypocrisy an argument against Christianity or is it an objection? Why does this matter?
  • How Should Christians respond to hypocrisy?
  • Is Christianity really the cause of needless wars & bloodshed?
  • Talking points for your skeptical friends on these questions.

Episode 7:  Preventing Family Wars at Holiday Dinners!  
by Frank Turek
In episode 7, Frank then shows you how to prevent family wars by tactfully reaching family members during those tense holiday get-togethers! They include:

  • Eight strategies to help people consider Christ  
  • How to seed the conversation
  • How to answer controversial questions
  • Demonstrating the difference between Tolerance and Love

This interactive sessions includes Q & A with a live audience!

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